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  • Thanksgiving.


                 Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Thanksgiving began in 1620 when the British arrived in America and shared a large feast with the Native American. Every family shares a large meal and eats a big turkey with green bears, mashed potatoes, gravy and Stuffing.


          The party was celebrated on November 24th, it's always on the fourth thursday of November, to give thanks for family and for your health.

            During Thanksgiving, they watch american football games all day.


                  They eat turkey and not chicken. Thanksgiving is not the same as Christmas because Christmas is in December and Thanksgiving in November.

            Thanksgiving is not celebrated all over the world, it's just in the United-States.

             Frances likes to hike a long walk in the woods or at the beach before they eat dinner together with her family on Thanksgiving.

    So as you can see, evey family celebrated Thanksgiving a little differently.


            The presidents of the United States pardons a Turkey on Thanksgiving.



    Written by Emma and Emelyne


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